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Non-Clinical Referral

Purpose of the program:
The purpose of Classic Wellness and Fitness is to provide clients with affordable nutritional and fitness coaching for healthier lifestyles. Addressing and replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy and sustainable ones for the most favorable outcomes is top priority. In addition to nutritional structure, we offer affordable fitness programs to keep clients moving in the right direction on their wellness journey.

On the Scales

Why you should refer:
We offer a resource you can give your clients who may need additional support to be successful on their weight loss journey. Complete nutritional guidance plans provide structure for approaching healthier eating. Our one-on-one training services help teach clients correct exercise and training techniques that get them the results they want without surgery or additional medications.

Program Benefits

Prescription Drugs


Reduce the need for long-term weight loss medications.

Stomach Ache

Chronic Conditions

Prevent and reduce the severity of chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension, high
cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Holding Hands Up High


Extra support and motivation to keep them on track.

Diet Plan

Nutritional Plans

Complete and easy to follow-nutritional plans that include shopping lists to help clients stay committed.

Video Call

Weekly Check-ins

Weekly check-ins for plan adjustments, answer questions, discuss barriers and recommendations.

Gym Equipment


Accountability partners.


Those who follow our program as designed have significantly less rebound weight gain at year 1 after completing the program in comparison to those who simply hire trainer or other weight loss programs.

We help you make your clients look and feel great!

Make a Referral

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