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Meet the Coach

Dr. Tracy “Taz” Norwood is a family nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing practice, NASM certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and behavioral change specialist. He is also a professional, classic physique bodybuilder with a passion for promoting healthy living and fitness.

After overcoming his own struggles with obesity he decided to share his knowledge and experience in fitness through personal training services to adults in their 30s who may have had or are currently having similar situations.

Before launching his wellness and fitness business, it was important for him to become a representation of what he offers. For over 5 years he engaged in nutritional and fitness programs while working as a healthcare provider to expand his ability and knowledge to help clients. He used social media platforms to share knowledge to others and maintain accountability along the way. Tracy knows first hand the pressures of work, life and parenting and the toll it can take on your health. That's why he has designed specific programs to fit your budget and lifestyle. 



National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Behavior Change Specialist (NASM BCS)

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM)

Pro Natural Classic Physique Bodybuilder

2 X World Champion Classic Physique Bodybuilder

Competitive Classic Physique (CP)

Bodybuilder Achievements:

  • 2018-NPC Charlotte Cup- 1st place masters 35+ CP

  • 2018-NPC Charlotte Cup- 2nd place true novice CP

  • 2018- NPC Charlotte Cup-5th place open CP

  • 2018-NPC North Carolina State Championship-1st place masters 35+ CP

  • 2018- NPC North Carolina State Championship-2nd place open class CP

  • 2018- OCB No Gear Classic-1st place CP (PRO Card)

  • 2018- NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters National Championships-10th place 40+ CP

  • 2018- OCB Richmond-1st place CP (PRO Debut)

  • 2019-1st EVER OCB CP Yorton Cup Champion

  • 2021 -OCB Yorton Cup Champion (2x)

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